Terms And Conditions


  • A secure, under cover performance area.
    • If outdoors, the undercover area must have full side & back cover & full weather protection for both the band & their equipment.
  • A suitably reliable 240-volt electricity supply.
  • Adequate security.
  • Refreshments for the band (does not need to be alcoholic).
  • A small meal or finger food for the band.


  • 3 x 50 – 55 Minute sets of music*.
  • Professional equipment – including:
    • Amplifiers
    • Drums
    • Instruments
    • PA system (if required)
    • Lighting rig & light show (if required)
    • A great show!


  • Full acoustic show
    • An additional acoustic set

(usually for weddings whilst guests are either mingling or eating a meal)

  • Master of Ceremonies
    • Provision of wireless microphones for speeches

Once the quote has been received, you will be advised of the amount.   The quote will be based on:

  • Equipment required
  • Travel / accommodation
  • Length of performance

*Additional performance time can be arranged, refer to terms & conditions.



Bookings are subject to a 50% deposit within 14 days of confirming the booking.   The balance is to be paid either in cash on the day of the performance or by bank deposit 48 hours prior to the performance.

Any booking WHETHER CONFIRMED VERBALLY, ELECTRONICALLY or IN WRITING is legally binding on both parties.   The completion of the written Booking Form is confirmation by both parties that the performance will go ahead.   The performance may be cancelled by either party up to six weeks prior to the show without penalty.   Any cancellations after this time will see the deposit become ‘un-refundable’ unless the band is able to secure a replacement booking.   Any shortfall in the ‘replacement booking’ will be retained by the band from the deposit and the remainder returned.   The booking may not be modified except by mutual consent of the parties


Where possible, any changes to the performance schedule which are unavoidable should be agreed between the parties.


There are occasions where the band is asked to extend the performance.   This is usually an acceptable practice depending on the circumstances.   If you choose to do this it will be for a maximum of 45 minutes (around 14 songs) and will attract a 25% additional fee.   In order to ensure this is possible, the venue will also have to agree to the extension in time.


Usual set up times start approximately two hours prior to the scheduled performance (e.g. 6.00pm for an 8.00pm start).  If the set-up is required more than four or more hours prior to the scheduled performance, a 25% loading will be applied to the booking.  This often applies to weddings where the venue or the person booking the band requires set up to be complete prior to the start of the ceremony.  

Terms & Conditions


Our crew will require access as close to the performance area as possible to unload and carry equipment into the location.   This will also assist to reduce set up time.


Where possible, the band should be provided with an area in which to change in private and store cases and equipment during the show.   We understand that this is not always possible, however would ask that you do your best to make those arrangements.


Our crew will need a minimum of 90 minutes set up time and a further 30 minutes prior to the show to sound check and get things just right for your function.  Where the venue is providing the PA & lighting this time will be significantly reduced.   We will provide updated times for set up in these circumstances once we know what equipment is required.   The band takes shorter breaks than most performers (usually five to 10 minutes between sets) but may need additional time when they have their meal.


It is the responsibility of the client to provide appropriate supervision of their guests.   The client agrees to ensure that no unauthorised person handles any of the equipment of the band.  Any damage caused by any unsupervised guest will be the responsibility of the client.   This applies even if the client is not present.   No person other than the band or their crew are permitted on the stage / performance area at any time whilst any equipment is there.   There will be instances where the band agrees to have people in that area for speeches etc… this is permitted pursuant to the agreement as long as the person is not adversely affected by alcohol or other substances and behaves in an appropriate manner whilst in that area.


Please check with the venue you are using to ascertain if there are any restrictions for your function.   Things such as noise or time restrictions may impact the performance.   If such restrictions are in place, we are happy to accommodate these, however the band will need advance notice in order to ensure the correct equipment is taken to the venue.


In the case of any situation arising on or before the performance date which renders the agreement impossible to fulfill, which is not due to either of the parties taking reasonable, foreseeable action to prevent.   The performance will be cancelled without penalty to either party.


  • Client – Person booking the band.
  • Band – Standing Room Only.
  • Equipment – Includes (but is not limited to) Instruments, amplifiers, PA system, lights and any other equipment used to set up and perform.
  • Performance – When the band is on stage playing songs.
  • Performance area – The location from where the band is playing the songs.
  • Security – Licensed & registered Security Guard(s) or suitable persons protecting the band and equipment
  • Set – A block of music up to 16 songs in length.
  • Force Majeure – A natural & unavoidable catastrophe that interrupts the expected course of events & restricts participants from fulfilling obligations.
  • Refreshments – Bottled water or soft drink.   (Alcohol at the client’s discretion).