FAQ’S and Frequently asked questions

Q          How much do you charge?

A          This depends on a number of factors, including travel, equipment required, accommodation and other potential requirements.   Suffice to say, Standing Room Only are very competitively priced and will be happy to quote your event.

How can I book Standing Room Only?

A          Go to the Booking page on the website.   You will be provided with an obligation free quote.

Q          Do you always have the same members, or do you swap and change musicians?

         Standing Room Only always have the same personnel playing.  On rare occasions, they might play as a two piece, but you still get a great show.

Q          Do you use backing tracks?

A          NO, everything you hear is played by the band live.

Q          We only have a small space.   Could you still play?

A          Standing Room Only can fit into a surprisingly small ‘footprint’.   It would obviously mean less     equipment but still the same great show.   In fact, SRO can cater for small intimate events by playing acoustically rather than a full-on show if you would prefer.  

Q          We would need a Master of Ceremonies.   Could you arrange that?

A          Absolutely, we can also provide wireless microphones for speeches and presentations if required.

Q          Can you play our favourite song?

A          Yes, depending on the song and the time available to rehearse it prior to the event.

Q          Do you play requests?

A          If it is in our extensive catalogue of songs, we will play it if time permits.

Q          My friend is a really good singer, could they get up and belt out a few tunes with you?

A          Unfortunately, our Public Liability insurance only permits the band or crew to be on the stage.

Q          What happens when the band isn’t playing?

A          We have facilities to play music during the breaks. We can even play your choice of songs between sets.   We have Spotify, iTunes and YouTube access to play songs.   (Where internet access is unavailable or sporadic, we will need time, prior to the function, to download your choice of songs).